Welcome to Complete Project Resource, Inc.  This is your first step towards finding trust, respect, reliability, quality service, and peace of mind for your construction project.  Please feel free to contact one of our representatives to answer any further questions you may have.  We hope to meet with you soon to help ensure you put your project on the right track!  CPR is proudly serving the Rocky Mountain West Region, from Arizona to Montana we can be there for you.

Dedication to Success

CPR has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to success. Their efforts have produced high quality results time and time again that have equated to a substantial savings for the owner.

-Jason Grey West > Plan West Architecture

Communication is Top Priority

The key to any successful project is, first of all, the collection of skilled and dedicated professionals and craftsmen – and second, the ability of each trade and professional to communicate well together.

-Darin Hoekema > Locati Architects

Attention to Detail

An extra set of eyes is always valuable and, because of CPR’s involvement in the project, a beautiful home was completed even more efficiently than usual.

-Peter C. Lee, President > Teton Heritage Builders