Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Should you not find your answers here please feel free to contact one of our representatives.

Why use Complete Project Resource, Inc.?

If you have ever gone to a doctor, used an accountant, gone to a mechanic, spoken to a financial advisor, you already know why you should use Complete Project Resource, Inc. Most people in this world go to the doctor when they are sick because they do not understand the science of medicine as well as the trained practitioners who deal in medicine every day do. Most people will seek a financial advisor when they plan their retirement because they do not understand financial options or financial markets as well as those who study them on a daily basis. The same is true for consultants, money managers, accountants, etc.

So when you want to build a home and you do not understand this process, why not put a team of people in charge of your project who understands construction and who works in this field every day? The question then becomes, why not use Complete Project Resource, Inc.?

CPR specializes in high end quality construction – residential and commercial. CPR’s team has over 40 years of experience managing and building high end construction throughout much of the United States. Our system of construction management allows Complete Project Resource, Inc. to provide you with total peace of mind, works to save you money, and can often save you time. CPR will bring an efficient management system to your project which will help you to make the critical decisions necessary for making your project a success.

With networks established throughout many states, the CPR team will quickly be able to tap local experience to gain access to the resources which are most suitable to complete your job. We know which questions to ask. We know how to find quality and value in often over- subscribed construction markets. We have the ability to put the right people on your team. With such flexibility, CPR is able to adapt and work in any local environment with a sound understanding of the construction process (developed through years of experience), giving CPR the ability to manage your project anywhere in the country to serve your needs. Working as your representative, we take the headaches and often cumbersome responsibilities associated with the construction process out of your hands and place them into our capable, well trained, experienced hands. We provide you with the freedom to continue with your normal activities and the serenity of knowing you have someone managing your construction project in your best interests. You will never feel like you have to be two places at once again.

If I have an architect and builder already, why do I need Complete Project Resource, Inc.?

Construction is a very complex process. The construction process demands a lot of time, attention and needs to be managed with strict and diligent dedication. Architects are trained at designing, builders are trained at building and both are very good in this regard. Seldom is communication, documentation, quality control, research, or financial analysis the strong suit of builders or architects.  Often, these things are driven by the competencies of the owner. Owners, unfortunately, rarely have the time to drive these often overlooked but extremely essential components of the construction process.  Hence, CPR fills this gap, and we let architects and builders do what they do best – design and build.

How do I determine Cost?

While it certainly helps the accuracy of a budget to have a comprehensive design serving as a pricing road map, it is not the only way to come up with a determination of cost.

Our experience in construction gives CPR the ability to put together a “detailed guesstimate” before any design has been developed. We work with our clients through a detailed programming stage that gives us a sound understanding of our client’s financial expectations. From there, with an the entire project vision in mind, we can often get very close to a price estimate.

Are owner’s representatives or project managers common?

In many ways, CPR is a pioneer in this industry – particularly in the residential world. Most people are familiar with what architects and contractors do, but our role has evolved out of recent necessity. Increased construction costs, high demand for construction with limited labor, over-subscribed operators, lack of quality control and increased litigation have all contributed to the creation of CPR and our vision. Couple these traits with all the complex issues associated with a project and it becomes very clear why owners need someone to protect their sole interest.

What kind of projects do you work on?

CPR has worked on a range of projects, from small projects and renovations in the hundreds of thousands to larger commercial and residential projects covering hundreds of acres and costing millions of dollars. No project is too small or too big.  We work on residential, commercial, healthcare, recreational, retail, ranch and environmental facilities, etc.

Where do you operate?

Typically, most of our work is within resort communities throughout the Western United States. Specifically, we have operated in Arizona, California, Montana, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  Having said this, many of our professional associates have worked on various projects throughout the United States and we have a vast network of project managers around the country. If an exciting project exists and a client has a need for industry professionals, CPR will go wherever our clients need us to go.  Even if CPR has to travel great lengths to work on a project, our input is always very valuable, useful, and most importantly consistent. In this way, we can have a significant impact on any project and in any region.

Can your services be made available a la carte (I just need a little help)?

No problem! We can help wherever your needs exist. We will assist in evaluating a purchase, finding an architect, finding a builder, getting lending advice, punch listing a project or jumpstarting a stranded project. Or we will be there from start to finish. CPR is flexible to meet the needs of our clients. If you only need advice, peace of mind through the design and contracting phase, or merely on-site representation, we can help. We are here to assist you as much or as little as you desire. Our clients can be as involved, or uninvolved, as they desire to be on their projects. We can work in whatever environment is best suited to our clients – even getting a mismanaged project back on track.

Can you complement an existing team already in place?

Again, no problem! CPR can act as an extension of a client’s preexisting staff. We can help you where you feel your weaknesses may be. We don’t have to take over and control your project but can integrate into your preexisting team.

What are your fees?

Every client is different and every project is different. For this reason, our fees are set up to be flexible and can be structured in a way that makes you most comfortable.  Once we have had an initial meeting (be it by phone, email or in person) we can determine our scope of work. From there we can move forward in a manner that makes you most comfortable: we can develop an hourly estimate alongside our hourly rates, or, we can negotiate a fixed fee for our services.  There are positives and negatives in all fee structures, so it all depends on how the client is most comfortable.

Do we have to be building in Montana to use your services?

No, CPR has relationships all over the country. Our long-term corporate vision includes satellite operations in several states. CPR is familiar with ski and golf resort communities and premier destinations all over our country. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, the construction process and the costs of construction within our system can be easily scaled to any market or region. Our unique location here in Montana has given us experience managing construction in one of the country’s most expensive regions.  Out of necessity, this has forced us to learn several innovative approaches for helping our clients save money. If on the off chance we are not familiar with your particular area, we have a vast network of industry related professionals who can bring us up to speed quickly on any market condition. Your project, wherever it may be, will receive the same level of commitment and attention as though it were here in the backyard of our corporate headquarters. Even if our weekly visits become every other week, our presence is still often more consistent that what many of our clients could otherwise provide. It is our primary mission to serve our clients needs, and we are always happy to establish our team, our system, and our services in new areas.

How do we get started with CPR?

For more information about Complete Project Resource Inc. and our services, please phone us at 1.800.587.7989 and we will get back to you promptly. We truly look forward to meeting you and sharing our ideas. We hope to work with you on your project.

What are CPR’s responsibilities as the owner’s representative?

As owner’s representatives, CPR acts to protect the owner’s best interests. CPR works throughout all phases of the construction continuum (design to delivery) managing the owner’s team of specialists (architects, contractors, consultants, engineers, designers, sub-contractors, etc.) to achieve a maximum return on investment. As an extension of the owner, CPR’s mission is to maximize value and ensure project success. Some of our responsibilities include: guide our clients/owners during the team selection, review contract documents and construction drawings, develop schedules and budgets, organize team approach to project, discuss value engineering approaches to propose cost-effective ideas, regularly manage and oversee construction activities, and manage all close-out activities for delivery of the project to client.