We streamline the development process and help raise the performance levels of those who can become overburdened by an infinite number of variables, logistical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances.

As something of a job requirement, Louie Loucks knows how to spell things out plainly: “If you’re Michael Dell and you’ve got a factory in China producing your computers, you’re not going to rely on the factory manager to tell you that things are going great,” he starts. No, you’re going to hire someone to work on behalf of Dell to go and see that that factory is running efficiently, that the quality is there, and that things are just as they should be, he explains. “We’re doing the same thing,” Loucks says, matter-of-factly. “It’s just that we’re dealing with multi-million dollar properties.”

After more than 30 combined years in real estate development, construction and project management, Loucks and partner Jay Cartwright founded Complete Project Resource, Inc. in 2005. Born of the classic “You know, somebody really ought to …” conversation, CPR is an entirely new breed of project managers specializing in high-end custom luxury homes and commercial projects across the Rocky Mountain West. The two men were working on parallel projects in Big Sky, Montana, when they agreed that projects could—and should—be managed more effectively and more efficiently. Neither architects, nor engineers nor general contractors, Loucks and Cartwright have created a business that wouldn’t exist if everyone else on a building project met their own responsibilities with aplomb. “We were seeing hand-written invoices, no contracts, a lack of correspondence,
use of the wrong materials and a lot of cutting corners,” explains Loucks who was, at the time, a project manager overseeing development at the
exclusive Yellowstone Club and Spanish Peaks. Realists to the core, Loucks and Cartwright know that architects rightly focus on designing the structure, and that contractors can get wrapped up in details to the exclusion of other important elements like communication.