Professional Services

The benefits of Complete Project Resource, Inc. are numerous, however, we are most effective when we can become involved early and remain involved through the completion of the project. We can come in at any point in a project's evolution, from "Discovery" to "Delivery" we can be there for you every step of the way.


Complete Project Resource will be your on-site single point of contact acting as your representative throughout all aspects of construction for your project. We will make sure your project personifies your dream, providing long-term value and immediate savings.


Punch List and Close Out:  CPR will perform, alongside the architect and contractor, a whole house  punch list prior to your occupancy of the home.  We will work to ensure everything is in good working order and up to the quality expectations of the project.  The goal is to prevent you from experiencing any major inconveniences during your first experience within your new project.  We will ensure the contractor has organized and turned over all operation manuals and that all required warranty information has been passed onto the Owner.  Keys will be collected and locks will be keyed to the Owner’s satisfaction.  A contact list comprising of all workers on the project will be included in the manual.

Warranty Walks: Following the first year of your project’s lifetime, CPR can work with you and your contractor to perform a warranty walk through to assess any items in need of repair which are still under warranty.