Professional Services

The benefits of Complete Project Resource, Inc. are numerous, however, we are most effective when we can become involved early and remain involved through the completion of the project. We can come in at any point in a project's evolution, from "Discovery" to "Delivery" we can be there for you every step of the way.


Complete Project Resource will work diligently to be sure your project starts off on the right foot. During the Design phase, it is important to coordinate with other important members of your team to ensure your vision remains consistent. It is amazing how quickly decisions need to be made when the end seems so far away.


In the Design/Pre-Construction Phase, CPR’s tasks, depending on your direction, may include:

– Team assembly
– Provide input, as necessary, throughout consultant selection
– Attend weekly pre-design and weekly pre-construction meetings
– Schedule a pre-bid walk through and pre-construction conference
– Diligently review and analyze the project documents, drawings and specifications
– Work closely with the contractor and architect to explore value-engineering options
– Monitor closely the design budget and design schedule
– Review payment applications on behalf of the owner
– Work to expedite coordination between the owner, architect, contractor, and consultant
– Review required permits and regulatory approvals prior to construction
– Document and organize all necessary information
– Provide input, as necessary, throughout sub-contractor selection
– Prepare comparative analysis of bids from potential sub-trades
– Identify direct purchase items from vendors and obtain competitive pricing
– Develop a submittal schedule for long-lead-time items
– Prepare a cash flow projection
– Establish communication protocols
– Establish project control systems

Architectural Coordination: CPR will work to help you find the right team of architects for your project.  Working closely with your architect will ensure the timely delivery of the construction documents.

Contracting Coordination: CPR will work to find you the right contractor for the job.  Working closely with the architect and the contractor, will help to ensure the design is meeting the expectations of the budget.

Interiors Coordination: We believe it is important to gather input from your interiors professional in the early design phases of your project.  It is always more financially prudent to change things on paper, instead of, in the field.  It is amazing how quickly decisions need to be made even when the end seems so far away.  CPR will work to help in this effort.

Landscaping Coordination: If building the home is the ice cream, landscaping is the cherry on top.  CPR has worked with several landscaping designers, architects, and suppliers and will help you find the right professional capable of putting the finishing touches on your project.  It is important to consider this component early in the design phase, as even the earthwork you perform on day one can impact the landscape design and cost of the landscape implementation down the road.

Consultant Coordination: From time to time, other specialty consultants may need to be involved to help accomplish specific goals which may, or may not be, common to most construction projects.  CPR will help to coordinate the involvement of those consultants whose area of expertise may include geotechnical, pond & stream, environmental, structural, mechanical, lighting, or other specific attribute.