Professional Services

The benefits of Complete Project Resource, Inc. are numerous, however, we are most effective when we can become involved early and remain involved through the completion of the project. We can come in at any point in a project's evolution, from "Discovery" to "Delivery" we can be there for you every step of the way.

Put Complete Project Resource, Inc. on your team and you will never feel like you need to be in two places at once. Find peace of mind in knowing you have an experienced set of eyes and ears on your project.

III. Development

During the Development phase of your project, CPR will have several responsibilities.  These may include:

-Monitor all construction activity on-site
-Document and organize all necessary information reflecting meetings and discussions pertinent to the project
-Maintain a progress photograph library
-Review and negotiate all change orders
-Review payment applications on behalf of the owner
-Monitor and track critical path schedule
-Review contractors updating of as-built drawings
-Verify incorporation of change orders and field directives
-Immediately inform the architect and owner of all issues, potential conflicts, and problems
-Advise contractor of safety concerns
-Initiate schedule recovery strategies
-Coordinate all direct purchase activities
-Coordinate and conduct project coordination meetings
-Work to swiftly resolve disputes informally with proper documentation
-Distribute regular progress reports
-Ensure regular and proper inspections
-Employ, monitor, and regulate quality control systems
-Maintain punch lists for all phases of construction throughout close-out
-Coordinate inspections for compliance with the construction contract documents, building codes, etc.

CPR has worked on several project types.  These are further explained in the tabs above.