Construction projects have an enormous number of suppliers, subcontractors, craftsmen and other involved parties. Complete Project Resource acts as the “one stop shop” or information center of their owner’s project. We streamline the development process. Always available, ready and on site, Complete Project Resource efficiently assembles and disseminates information.

The Power of a Single Point of Contact

CPR has developed a project infrastructure working to serve as the information hub for construction projects.  As the single point of contact on a project (be it for the owner, builder, or architect, etc.), CPR uses a systematic and practical management approach streamlining the development process and helping to raise the performance levels of the project team.  CPR collects and documents project information – accessible at all times from all places.  CPR monitors project activities on behalf of the owner, setting achievable and realistic expectations which hold all stakeholders responsible for their actions.

  • Frequent site inspections (field reports)
  • Weekly contractor & subcontractor meetings (minutes and schedules)
  • Weekly photographs, submittals, RFI logging
  • Weekly change order logging
  • Monthly pay applications
  • Owner meetings as requested
  • Web-accessible documentation & photos